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    Kara Salazar Mauzy-M.A., Professional Organizer

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    Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home? Is it difficult to know where to begin? Asking for help is hard, especially when asking someone else to come into your home and make the changes for you. But, you've made the first step by searching for help. Sorted offers residential organizing solutions for busy families and professionals who are looking for change yet can't quite see the vision on how to get there. Whether you need assistance decluttering, redesigning your closet space, down-sizing or creating better functioning systems in your home, Sorted is here to help. Let's work together to get your home working for you instead of the hectic-ness of your belongings overwhelming your life. Don't let the "stuff" get the better of you!




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    I am happy to speak with first time clients for a 15 min. phone consultation. We can then arrange an on-site assessment thereafter. (The assessment is fee based; however, the fee will be credited towards your first scheduled service appointment). During our meeting, we can determine the steps, details, and plans involved in organizing your home or home office.


    I schedule organizing appointments Monday-Friday. I work weekends by special appointment only. I can accommodate what time we start our day organizing and when it's time to stop depending on what works best for my clients. Typically, an average day of organizing takes anywhere from 5-8 hours. This process will usually carry over into multiple visits as sorting and organizing is time consuming. I do, however, have a four hour minimum.

    Organizing Process

    Help me, help you. I am here to assist you in organizing your home or home office into a better working system; however, it is very important for you to be part of this process in the beginning. We will be going through your belongings and deciding what serves you and what needs to go. In order to properly sort and organize, many items will have to be donated or tossed. This is part of the process...and an important one. Years and years of accumulation have contributed to unorganized rooms and packed closets. It will feel freeing to clear clutter in your home that is outdated, broken, or unwanted as this clutter only consumes your space and time! Once it's been determined what stays and what goes, I will discuss a plan with you to organize the treasures you want to keep. Keep in mind that organizing takes time. The process may take one day, or based on the conditions, several days or weeks. Patience is key; after all, unorganized areas did not become that way in a day. I do not judge or criticize messes or disorganization....I understand how life gets messy and time escapes you, which is why I can step in to help!


    Once we've sorted through things, I can then get to work organizing everything into place. Typically, I complete this step on my own. I also determine if supplies will be needed in order to make the organizing process more efficient. Containers, bins, baskets, shelving, hooks, and hangers are examples of very common additions. When I purchase supplies for a job it is tailored to that specific job. The combination of freshly organized belongings with new baskets or containers makes for a beautifully transformed space in the end!

    Follow-up and Maintenance

    Once we get things organized, I will follow-up with you on a regular basis to see how things are going. I am available to help maintain your new system when needed. Sometimes things get cluttered up again, this is okay! Part of the organization process is maintenance which aids in keeping your home organized. If things get out of place, we can schedule a maintenance visit to get your home back in order. We can schedule bi-monthly, monthly, or every few months for this service.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please note, due to the nature of this business, I require a full 48-hours cancellation notice on all scheduled appointments. If cancellation falls under the 48-hours minimum, a full day of service will be charged. The cancellation policy was put into place to respect scheduled appointment times with each client as my calendar fills up quickly. When I receive appropriate notification of cancellation, I can then offer other clients the time that has become available.

  • About Me

    Years of experience working in related fields lent a hand in discovering my knack for organizing. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Colorado State University, I had careers in both retail and public relations. Those professional experiences demanded staying well organized, especially with my retail position in keeping the store presentable and in working order, not to mention, polishing and perfecting my folding skills! My work experience led me forward to the opportunity to work as a home manager, in which I really honed in my skill. As part of the job, I managed the house to the highest standards from top to bottom and side to side. Managing the household and maintaining organization was a huge task; yet, one that set my organizational skills to a whole new and professional level. At that point, I began working with clients as a professional organizer on a part-time basis. This allowed me the time to advance my experiences into an active career and to build relationships with clients. While organizing part-time, I continued with my educational pursuits and earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Denver. Upon graduation, I pursued my goal to start my business as a professional organizer. Through the years, I have truly embraced how rewarding this line of work is.



    Perhaps it comes naturally, but I've always enjoyed arranging and organizing spaces in a home. I have been in residential organizing for over 15 years and continue to love my work. Transforming cluttered and unorganized homes is fulfilling, especially once the home has transitioned into a better working household system. Seeing the joy on a clients face makes it all worthwhile. There is a calm feeling when you enter a space and feel the fresh energy of well placed furniture and a clutter free room. This is part of what motivates my passion to help others. By achieving this calm through organization, my hope is to create harmony and balance within a home for my clients to enjoy instead of having the feelings of discouragement living with disorganization. I believe there is a direct correlation between feeling stressed and overwhelmed at home with the piles, packed closets, crammed drawers, and the abundance of "stuff" surrounding you. I can assist you with changing these stressful, cluttered areas into a clutter-free and balanced environment.

  • Services

    Sorted offers the following services:

    Residential Organizing

    As a Residential Organizing Specialist, I tackle all rooms, closets, storage areas, garages, basements, kitchens, attics, and all the nooks and crannies in between.


    Home Office and Paper Management

    Paperwork is most everyone's pet peeve! I assist with getting those pesky papers purged, sorted and filed away to help your productivity and work flow get back on track.


    Organized moves: move-in/move-out

    Moving is stressful enough. I can help with getting everything organized and put away into your new home. Many times, too, you'll discover that items you no longer use or need followed you to your new location. I will help you identify the items that can be donated to make space for the treasure you want to keep.


    Closet design and organization

    I've worked with several closet companies to help design the perfect closet to suit your home and lifestyle.


    "Maintenance"-helping you to keep everything in it's place

    Did things become unsorted after awhile? No problem. I know that life gets busy. I can help maintain your home organization by scheduling monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonal visits to get you back in business.



    Whether you are an empty nester downsizing into a smaller home or an individual wanting to simplify your life, paring down your belongings can be an overwhelming task. I assist by helping sort through your items and organizing the true treasures you want to keep.


    Donation drop off

    After we have worked together identifying unwanted items, I will deliver those items to a local charity or make arrangements for a large donation pick up.


    Furniture Arrangement

    Want a fresh look in your home? I am happy to give my input on how to arrange things in a new way. If a new piece, like a bookcase or shelving is needed, I can assist with finding the best piece to fit your needs.


    Holiday and Seasonal Organization

    I assist with holiday decorating, including putting everything away in an orderly fashion once the holiday celebrations have come to an end. Additionally, I help with seasonal closet rotations and storage (putting those wool gloves away until needed!)


    Recycling and Donation Centers

    When sorting and organizing, I try my best to re-use and recycle items. There are a lot of resources in the area that assist with this. Here are just a few locations to serve you in the Denver Metro and Boulder areas:


    Locations to take old electronics and hard to recycle items:


    Rocky Mountain E-Waste

    12445 E. 39th Ave, Suite 204/216

    Denver, CO 80239

    Email: wvaughan@rockymountainwaste.com


    Drop off location: 6446 Hampden Ave #250, Denver, CO 80222.

    Call 720-254-8570


    Free Appliance Pick-up


    Mattress Donation/Recycling


    Hard-To-Recycle Center (2 locations)

    6240 W. 54th Avenue

    Arvada, CO 80002



    1270 S. Bannock St

    Denver, CO 80223




    Eco-Cycle/CHaRM Facility

    6400 Arapahoe Road

    Boulder, CO



    Trash Doctor of Colorado





    The Junk Truck


    Junk King-Denver


    Here are some wonderful options to donate clothing and/or household items to:


    Arc of Colorado

    Epilepsy Foundation

    Dress for Success 

    Food Bank of the Rockies


    Habitat For Humanity/Restore

    Human Society of Boulder Valley Thrift Store

    Sister Carmen Community Center

    Salvation Army

    The Family Tree

    TRU Community Care-Boulder

    Vietnam Veterans of America

    Wee Cycle (for essential baby gear)



    Or click the link below to schedule a pick up:



    You can also contact local donation centers for the pick-up of larger items or large loads.

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    Featured as one of Denver's top professional organizers.

    Member of NAPO

    Specialist in Residential Organizing

    NAPO Golden Circle

  • Client Testimonials

    Positive feedback from clients motives my craft.



    "Kara is so professional, doesn't judge the chaos and mess, and helps create clarity and peace by organizing! I love when Kara is at our home. I can breathe when she leaves."


    Elise M, Boulder




    "We have been more than thrilled with Kara’s work, we have 2 kids, 2 dogs and a business in our 1100 sq foot home. Kara has transformed our space from piles of junk everywhere to a well organized machine. It’s the little things that you just forget about or really have no idea how to keep up with that Kara is amazing with. She can get the things you didn’t even know you have organized so you can use them again. We are moving into a new house and it’s a no brainer to have Kara help us get organized there as well.”


    Avi S, Boulder




    "I have worked with Kara multiple times since moving to Colorado a year ago. Her calm presence, professional manner, clear insight, and good direction have helped me to bring a new order and clarity to my home. And besides all this, her superlative folding skills make my linen closet a thing of sheer beauty! I recommend Kara highly. In fact, I gave her as a gift to my daughter when she moved into her new home!"


    Rebecca T-Boulder



    "We moved and I was completely overwhelmed by all of our “stuff” and organizing our new home. Kara organized our garage, closets, drawers and kitchen and helped us determine what we should keep and what we should donate. She even took our donation items to Goodwill! She also purchased the organizing bins and containers that we needed. I am a single working mom and I honestly do not know what I would have done without Kara’s help and expertise. I plan to hire Kara a few times every year to help with seasonal items and clothes and help keep our house organized."


    Lisa N, Denver



    "I have had the pleasure of knowing Kara for over a decade now. When she told me of her plans to start her own organizational business I smiled knowing just how perfect a choice she had made.

    I would love to blame my children and my chaotic life for my disorganization issues but honestly I do not naturally function the way Kara so effortlessly does. While I’m the "deer in the headlights" overwhelmed by the mess we have created, Kara walks in with a plan, efficiently able to maneuver, making sense of it all while transforming the space into something functional. My junk drawers used to barely open and when they did they were overflowing with chaotic clutter. Now that Kara has worked her magic, the drawers actually open with neatly labeled dividers organizing all that “junk” into essential miscellaneous items that we use daily. We are constantly sending Kara praises when opening a cabinet or walking into a room that she so thoughtfully designed. One of the first projects she did for us was our pantry. When she was finished it not only looked beautiful but really made sense. I was afraid, though, that I would never be able to maintain such organization. There are definitely times I need to regroup and pull pieces together but because she set up the structure, everything seems to just fall into place. That is the beauty of Kara’s organizational skills; they are not a one-time deal but more of a formula. I cannot describe the sense of peace and calming I get from having Kara organize, sort and maintain our household. If ever I cannot find anything, I always say, “think logically”, “think Kara”. I feel incredibly fortunate having Kara in our lives for many reasons. The calm and clarity Kara has given to me and my family is priceless."


    Jennifer C, Boulder




    "Sorted is ideal for the busy professional or homeowner.

    Kara addresses all aspects of clutter and takes control of everything to excute a clean and functional plan of attack. She is efficient, skillful and prompt. I recommend Kara's expertise to all of my clients who need any organization."


    Cheryl Scarlet, Interior Designer, Denver

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